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Key Objectives

  • Unpick the super powers Allah gave you- discovery tools of your core competencies ⚡️

  • Learn how to align your core competencies to an appropriately selected property strategy 🏢

  • Determine how funding of property deals work and leave with tools and strategies to apply ⚒️

  • Discover real pathways to collaborate with the Properteers Platform to profit 🤝

Start Your Journey With The Properteers Platform

Welcome to the Properteers Academy, my name is Babrul Matin (CEO of Properteers Group).

Our commitment is to empower aspiring minds through innovative courses and personalized mentoring, shaping a path towards unparalleled growth and success in the realms of UK property. 🏡

During my career, I have done over £50 million worth of property deals in the UK Islamically. 🤝

However, my road to this success has not come easy as you can imagine...

I have made countless mistakes over the years and have had my fair share of failures throughout the process.

I had no mentors or teachers to guide me in the right direction, so it forced me to learn everything the hard way - which makes what I know today a valuable resource for the next generation of Islamic Property investors 💰

The harsh reality is that it is almost impossible to do what I did, especially without the knowledge and years of experience I have now. However, I want to serve as a mentor and become a guide to the aspiring Property Developers and deal makers 💡💼

Today, I bring to you a platform where I can to share my knowledge of UK property, my journey, my mistakes, lessons and guidance - and be the mentor I never had 🌐

Learn from my mistakes and use this opportunity to discover how to succeed in UK Property Market ✅

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Discover the intricacies of property investment in the UK, as our expert-led classes provide invaluable insights into market trends, legal considerations, and strategic approaches, empowering you to make savvy decisions and excel in your property ventures.


Explore unique investment opportunities exclusively available through the Properties Group platform, where curated insights, networking, and exclusive deals converge to elevate your property investment journey to new heights.

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