Your Success, Our Priority

UK Real Estate Investing

How we create win-win collaborations with investors

The philosophy and methods of our approach

Meet the Founder: Babrul Matin

I'm Babrul Matin, the founder & CEO of Properteers Group and an Islamic Real Estate professional.

Over the 10 years of building the Properteers brand, I have completed 33 deals. Translating into over £60 Million worth of end value in property deals.

My current mission has been to refine the method of doubling your money in UK Real Estate, with 100% ROI. I have surrounded myself with world-class talent to drive towards this shared goal.

I command big deals and leave my investors feeling assured and empowered.

How we choose & collaborate with investors

We clarify your investment objectives and goals

We affirm that our values align

We confirm your financial capabilities

We assess compatibility for long-term partnerships

We identify the best project you can plug into

We verify that you feel secure in the project